Over 30+ years, Kang has paid income tax on 4 continents and visited all the 7 continents over 60 countries.

His impressions of the world's capitals:


Amsterdam, Holland - paradise of bicycles

Athens, Greece – city of ruins, reminder of the ancient world

Bangkok, Thailand - champion of traffic jams

Beijing, China – reminder of great empires

Belgrade, Serbia – city of numerous rebuilds

Bonn, Germany - the most boring capital (Berlin now)

Bratislava, Slovakia - overshadowed by Vienna and Budapest on both sides of River Danube

Brussels, Belgium – capital of Europe

Budapest, Hungary - pride of River Danube

Buenos Aires, Argentina - city of widest streets (13 lanes in one-way)

Canberra, Australia - a pretty city without soul

Colombo, Sri Lanka - the fastest developing Southeast Asian capital (2018)

Copenhagen, Denmark – expensive entry into Scandinavia

Delhi, India – city of bargain, you never pay more than a third of asked price

Geneva, Switzerland - fountain view of watches and knifes

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – European port city in Caribbean

Hanoi, Vietnam – capital of motorbikes

Helsinki, Finland – unimpressed little capital of Scandinavia

Istanbul, Turkey - world's most efficient bus drivers found here

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - the cheapest-living capital

Lisbon, Portugal - steepest cable trams

London, UK - reminder of good old days

Luxemburg - a capital country

Madrid, Spain - the saddest place for bulls

Mexico City, Mexico – city of chaos, the largest chaotic capital

Nairobi, Kenya – only impressions of a supermarket

Nicosia, Cyprus – the last frontier of the cold war

Nassau, Bahamas – Americans’ vacation paradise

Paris, France – city of romantic and artistic imaginations

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – in the shadow of glorious Angkor Wat

Prague, Czech Republic - prettiest city with prettiest people

Rome, Italy, Vatican - reminder of gold old days

San Jose, Costa Rica – quiet on Christmas Day - not real San Jose

Santiago, Chile – city of friendliness

Seoul, Korea - paradise of food and sleeping

Singapore - cleanest capital country

St. George, Grenada – spiciest capital

Stockholm, Sweden – an architecture museum

Tallinn, Estonia – twin city of Helsinki

Tokyo, Japan - the most orderly capital

Vienna, Austria - a musical replica of Paris

Warsaw, Poland - the saddest reminder of wars

Washington DC, USA – great museums of modern history

Zagreb, Croatia - full of peaceful soccer fans